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Talend Data Catalog Application

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Manage Repository: new audit events for administration tasks

Added audit events for administration tasks:
  • add, update, delete servers
  • edit metamodel
  • change authentication type
  • change license
Manage Servers: new option to upgrade an individual server Added context menu to allow upgrading an individual server in addition to the existing button to upgrade all servers.
REST API: new icon for Help Added new Help icon in Rest API menu.
Data Profiling: improved data profiler logging Improved data profiler logging to avoid printing redundant messages.

Manage Users: updated tooltip

Updated the tooltip to "Download all users details and statistics to CSV".

Manage Schedules: use of warning icon and message on disabled schedules

Removed the warning icon when the schedule is disabled.

REST API: improved browser title

Changed the title to Metadata Management REST API.

Object diagram: add annotation support

Added support for annotations to object diagrams.

Manage Sensitivity Labels: updated viewing / editing capability

Disabled sensitivity label viewing / editing from the object page for users without Data Classification license.

Manage Metamodel: improved the scope category tree

Changed the scope category tree to not show Custom Models.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

REST API: POST/auth/loginPlainText returned "Something went Wrong!" when "Invalid user name or password" was expected

Fixed the REST API function POST/auth/loginPlainText to return correct error message when an invalid user name or password was specified.

Manage Data Classes: fails to save data classes due to MQL syntax or semantics error

Fixed the MQL syntax or semantics error occurred during saving data classes.

REST API: the publish draft operation does not work

Fixed the error "User either has no write permission or has no workflow role to perform the workflow action [SubmitForApproval]" with the REST API function PUT/entities/workflow/publish/{termId} that occurred when the glossary has a simplified workflow setting.

REST API: "Invalid user name or password" with auth/login

Fixed the error "Invalid user name or password" with the REST API functions POST/auth/login and POST/auth/loginPlainText.

UI: text wrapping is not working properly

Fixed word wrapping.

Model import: fails with error "The indexing of the model failed. Please check server log for detailed error messages."

Fixed the Java NPE occurred during the model import.

Manage Users: user does not have the repository management capability on the object

Fixed the permission check for adding and removing a user from a group.

Model import/export: improved parameter description highlighting

Fixed incorrect parameter highlighting in the description.

History tab: shows unexpected event "Comment was added"

Removed comments from the event auditing when a user changes classifications manually.

Manage Metamodel: NPE in the export of packages

Improved the export of packages when roles are not in sync with their relationship

REST API: GET/relationships/{objectId} does not return parent ID

Fixed the GET/relationships/{objectId} to return extra properties such as parent ID, labels and so on when the legacy entity format is used.

Diagrams: only part of the buttons in toolbar are shown when the page is in restore down mode

Added a drop down button in the toolbar showing all the missing menu entries when the screen is not large enough

Search: no results for "Data Classification Matched" as a filter

Fixed the problem that searching for "Data Classification Matched" returns no results.

SQL Server: database exception occurred

Updated the database initialization code for SQL Server.

Manage Metamodel: migration to multi model fails with critical server error java.lang.NullPointerException

Improved the database multi model migration when dealing with partial or invalid data mappings.

REST API: search for glossary shows "Invalid repository" with glossary ID

Fixed the error "Invalid repository" occurred when searching for a glossary with a glossary content.

Manage Data Classes: detection of data classes is case sensitive

Matching based on data class dictionary is now case insensitive.

Manage Email: empty link in the Import Server is down email notification

Fixed the empty link in the Import Server is down email notification.

Worksheets: only part of the Configure Columns window is shown when the page is in restore down mode

The Configure Columns window is now moved automatically if there is not enough space.

UI: the columns are narrow in worksheet

Fixed the narrow columns issue.

Security vulnerability: removed cross-site scripting when User has special name

Removed XSS issue when showing the tooltip of the User icon in the application header.

Data Classes: cannot stop execution of Metadata Classification

Added abort operation for Metadata Classification.

Data Classification: fails with error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Array"

Fixed an issue which prevented editing the Data Classifications attribute when used inside the Attribute sheet widget.

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