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Talend Data Catalog Bridges

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Amazon RedShift (via JDBC): support for IAM JDBC String authentication

Updated code to build URL with IAM credentials.

Added parameters "Access key ID" and "Secret access Key". Removed URL logging.

Excel File (XLSX): updated tooltip Added the Limitations section to the bridge tooltip.

IBM Cognos Content Manager: support for Cognos Parameterized Connections

Add a new parameter "Macro values file" for processing macros.

Hadoop Hive (via JDBC) / Databricks: modified external lineage and XMI input for Hive

Modified external lineage and XMI input for Hive.
QlikSense Server: updated supported versions Updated supported versions.

Microsoft Power BI File: improved profile

Renamed entity Report to Report Layout.

Microsoft Azure Purview export / Databricks Delta Lake Hadoop Hive Database: enabled storage entity

Enable Storage entity.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Microsoft Azure Data Factory: cannot retrieve secret without version

Improved Azure Secret Vault to support default version.

QlikSense Server: "Error: Handshake response not received"

Improved FAQ section of the bridge documentation.

SAP Business Warehouse 4 HANA (BW/4HANA) / Microsoft Azure Purview export: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal Argument: Cannot add the same SourceFeature to SummaryMap"

Fixed IllegalArgumentException.

Hadoop Hive Metastore: importing table columns with traditional Chinese failed

Fixed importing of column comment.

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) / Erwin DM / IBM InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) export: "Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.osgi.service.prefs.BackingStoreException"

Add plugin org.eclipse.equinox.preferences on classpath.


Improved logging for the error messages.

Tableau: support for description attribute on workbooks and data sources

Added description attribute for the workbooks and data sources.

Talend Data Integration export / Informatica PowerCenter import: mappings with unconnected lookup

Fixed null pointer in embedded unconnected objects.

SAP HANA: special type of calculation view not providing lineage

Added limitation to the bridge specification.
File System: CSV not showing headers Fixed header row detection logic.

Talend Data Integration export / Informatica PowerCenter import: does not produce a useful summary for log file

Added support for Talend Data Integration log format.

Oracle database (via JDBC): the model does not belong to the one being validated

Improved the performance of the schema checksum query.

Added new miscellaneous option -no.comments to not import comments from the database.

SAP HANA: unexpected system schemas imported

Synonyms for system objects are removed from import. Some schemas are considered as system ones now.

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) / IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect export: annotations only partially converted to attachment bindings

Added skip of annotations with an empty Property/Attachment name.

Oracle database (via JDBC): cannot harvest metadata due to special characters

Ignored columns that contain non-printable characters in their names.

Snowflake (via JDBC): error occurs in the query log

Fixed double-quoted schema names.
Tableau: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.

Snowflake (via JDBC): connection isn't established when the Databases parameter is empty

Updated the tooltip.

Microsoft SSAS/SSRS: the tooltip to the Miscellaneous parameter is missing

Fixed Miscellaneous tooltip.

Tableau: the object types returned are not consistent.

Added code to monitor dimension types for the classifiers.

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