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Talend Data Catalog Application

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Model import/export: improved operations

  • Separated the operations for importing/exporting custom and imported models.
  • Added UI entries for custom model (for example glossary) export at any object level.
  • Added new parameters RELATIONSHIPS and RECURSIVE to the Export to CSV dialog.
  • Added new parameters context, objectIds and recursive to the REST API function POST/repository/model/export to support object level custom model export.
  • Deprecated the REST API function POST/operations/glossary/export/exportAndDownloadCSV. Use the function POST/repository/model/export instead for term level export.

Object browser: improved performance

Improved the loading speed of the object page.

SAML authentication: new option "Proxy Assertion Consumer Service URL"

Added a new option "Proxy Assertion Consumer Service URL" to allow the user to specify the SAML protocol binding to be used when returning the SAML response from the identity provider (Idp) server if a proxy server or load balancer is used on the service provider (SP) side.

Manage Users: new support for UserAttribute on users

Added additional attributes on users, such as Department, Manager, and so on.

Glossary: improved performance

Improved the performance of CSV export operation for glossary models.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

SAML authentication: does not force testing connectivity to the IDP

Removed automatic Test connection step when user is saving SAML settings.

Backup: restore does not populate users

Fixed the restore of system objects.

Data Flow: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined"

Fixed Javascript exception on Full Data Lineage generation.

Data Flow: selection is working incorrectly after browser refresh

Fixed the selection issue.

MQL: Parent.“Created By”=ME or Parent.“Updated By”=ME filters returned no results

Fixed the issue.

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