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Scheduling notifications for workflow transition

You need to create and schedule a predefined script for this notification type.

Before you begin

  • You have been assigned a global role with the Application Administration capability.
  • You have configured the email server in the Manage Email Notification page.
  • You have enabled the Watcher notifications option in the Manage Email Notification page.
  • Watchers have been assigned to an object involved in a workflow process.

    Administrators can add watchers to the object or users can start watching the object.

    Users need to provide a valid email address, set the notification frequency and have at least an object role with the Watcher Editing capability and/or one of the Workflow capabilities.


  1. Go to Manage > Schedules.
  2. On the toolbar, click Add.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    Field Action
    Name Enter a name.
    Description Enter a description.
    Object Choose an object.
    Operation Select Send model change notifications.
    Time Select one of the checkboxes and specify the schedule information.
  4. Click CREATE.

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