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Downloaded Third-Party Software

In addition to the above list of bundled third-party software, metadata harvesting also requires additional third-party software specific to each MIMB bridge.

MIMB bridges requiring downloading third-party software are indicated with the following icon in the list of MIMB Supported Tools


is a bridge requiring internet access to (and exceptionally a few other tool sites) in order to download the necessary third-party software drivers into $HOME/data/download/MIMB/ (such directory can be copied from another MIMB server with internet access).

The main documentation of such bridge also includes the following:

Information note

This import bridge requires internet access to download third-party libraries:
- such as to download open source third-party libraries,
- and more sites for other third-party software such as database specific JDBC drivers.

The downloaded third-party libraries are stored into $HOME/data/download/MIMB/
- If HTTPS fails, the import bridge then tries with HTTP.
- If a proxy is used to access internet, you must configure that proxy in the JRE (see the -j option in the Miscellaneous parameter).
- If the import bridge does not have full access to internet, that $HOME/data/download/MIMB/ directory can be copied from another server with internet access where the command $HOME/bin/ (or .bat) -d can be used to download all third-party libraries used by all bridges at once.

By running this import bridge, you hereby acknowledge responsibility for the license terms and any potential security vulnerabilities from these downloaded third-party software libraries.

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