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Tomcat Upgrade To The Current Patches

Any new version of TDC includes the latest version of Tomcat for bug fixes, performance, security and vulnerability reasons.
According to the tomcat 9 changelog , the last Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) fix was made in 9.0.30. Therefore, there is no real benefit to upgrade to the latest version.
In addition, it is not recommended that you manually install / patch the version of Tomcat bundled in TDC as new Tomcat versions may not be compatible and require more files to be copies. The following process describe the patch process anyway although not officially supported:

  1. Check the version of Apache Tomcat that was bundled within your TDC (e.g. Tomcat 9.0.45) which is expressed in:
    $MM_HOME/Documentation/License/MIMM-ThirdParty-LICENSES.html and
  2. Download the latest patch version (e.g. 9.0.46) within the same major version:
  3. Unzip in temporary directory
  4. Stop Tomcat
  5. Copy the lib directory from that temporary directory to the $MM_HOME/tomcat/lib (overwriting files if necessary)
  6. Restart Tomcat

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