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The ExpandedMembersOfRole function takes one role name parameter and returns the locally assigned and inherited users and groups of a role that an object has including the users of those groups as well. The ExpandedMembersOfRole function can be used along with the following operators as a filter in the WHERE clause: =, !=, = ANY (...), != ANY (...), = ALL(...), != ALL (...), EXISTS and NOT EXISTS.

For example, the Object1 object has the User1 user and Group1 user group assigned locally to the role Role1 that inherits the Group2 assignment. The Group2 group has the User2 user. The following filters would find the object:

  • ExpendedMembersOfRole('Role1') = 'User1'
  • ExpendedMembersOfRole('Role1') = all('User1','Group1','Group2')
  • ExpendedMembersOfRole('Role1') = any('User1','Group1')
  • ExpendedMembersOfRole('Role1') = 'Group2'
  • ExpendedMembersOfRole('Role1') = 'User2'

For any name specified as a value of the filter, the name is treated as a user if there exist a user and a group by the same name. To avoid ambiguity, avoid naming users and groups by the same names.

The ExpandedMembersOfRole function cannot be used in the SELECT list.

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