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Reserved Words

MQL also has a list of reserved words. These words need to be surrounded by double quote character(") if you wish to use them in filter values.

"After", "all". "and", "any", "before", "between", "category", "contains", "content", "day", "days", "ends", "exists", "ExpandedMembersOfRole", "hour", "hours", "last", "me", "membersOfRole", "minute", "minutes", "not", "or", "relevance", "semantic_search_text", "starts", "text", "today", "where", "with", "within", "yesterday".

The semantic_search_text filter has its own set of reserved words, such as term(s), report(s), and file(s). Refer to Meta Integration Search Help for more information.

To include a single-quote character within a filter value, write two adjacent single quotes.

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