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API based Bridges

Some MIMB bridges rely on the tool's API to import/export metadata, such as:

  • Erwin Data Modeler's binary native file formats (.er1 or .erwin) import requires access to the Erwin Data Modeler COM API based SDK.
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) import requires access to the IDA Eclipse based SDK.
  • Teradata Database import requires access to the Teradata JDBC drivers.

Such MIMB bridges require these tools to be installed with their API properly setup the machine (PC) where the MIMB bridge is executed, which sometimes mean that the tool's client or desktop version needs to be installed with a valid license (e.g. Erwin Data Modeler) The bridges requiring the tool's SDK/API are annotated with a tool set icon on the published supported tools list.

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