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Import Related Objects Into a Data Model

Now, we can also simply import relationships already defined between an object in the diagram and other objects either in the diagram or not.

Click STOP EDITING and then Save to save the diagram and then right-click BusinessEntity.csv and select Open and go to the Relationships tab.

Information note

There are several relationships which have been defined for BusinessEntity.csv.

- An entity relationship to EmployeeDepartmentHistory.csv which we created earlier via this diagram and data model.

- A data flow classifier map to Vendor which is part of the data mapping model Data Lake to Staging .

- A reference in the Data Lake multi-model tree structure.

You can add these other relationships defined in different ways to the diagram. Be sure you are editing the diagram and right-click the BusinessEntity.csv file and select to Import related objects and relationships . Then click Auto layout again.

Probably we can drop the reference link to the shortcut to BusinesEntity.csv . Please do and click Auto layout .

Information note

We now have a diagram with new relationships imported.

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