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The Business Intelligence (BI) Tool Web URL Integration Use Case

TDC captures the metadata from numerous Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tools and environments. One may then curate and govern this metadata. In this way, TDC often becomes a central BI Catalog for end-users who are interested in understanding what is available in the BI systems available, regardless of vendor or server. Direct integration between the BI environments and TDC is then critical to the success of such a metadata catalog.

Any object page (e.g. a Table column) offers a Related Reports tab listing any BI reports in any BI tool using that data through data flow lineage.

In particular, two major capabilities are explored:

  • How to invoke the third-party BI tools directly from within TDC f or reports harvested. This ability is detailed in managing metadata content .
  • How to _call back_ to TDC from those third-party BI tools for seamless use of the cataloging capabilities while user are looking at reports in the BI environment.

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