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About this task

From the Error Recovery Management page, you can access a view that displays the execution information of any of the executions listed in the page.

To access the Execution info view, complete the following:


  1. From the Error Recovery Management page, select the Job for which you want to display the execution information.
  2. In the lower part of the page, click the Execution info tab.
    A read-only view of the execution information of the monitored Job displays.
    The following figure shows an example of the Execution Info view.


    The Execution info view shows the execution details at the task level and at the Job level.
    Note: The Context Parameters area in the Execution info view shows only the context variables used in the father Job, if any. All context parameters used in the child Jobs linked to the father Job will not show in this view, however, it is possible to show them in the Recovery checkpoints view. For more information, see How to display context information of a father or child Job.
    By clicking the or button, you can expand or collapse some informative fields related to the selected task, execution of the associated Job, JVM parameters, or context parameters.
  3. Click the button to display the Execution info view in full size on the web page.
    Note: The Execution info provides, for the time being, a static display of task execution history. To refresh the display, click the Refresh button.