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From Talend Administration Center, you can create rules using WHEN-THEN statements with conditions that are logical groupings of logical operators.

Based on data that comes from a variety of sources and departments, the business expert can then define actions, to be executed if the rule condition evaluates to true.

In the following example, you will create a Guided Rule named CheckYoungAge that will be used to trigger loan agreement decisions based on the age of the people who apply for bank loans.

Before you begin

You have already defined an organizational unit, a repository and a project in Drools web application. For further information see Steps to follow when using Drools, and for detail information about using Drools, check Drools Workbench.

About this task

To create a business rule:


  1. From the Drools page, click Authoring and select Project Authoring.
  2. From the New Items list, select Guided Rule.
    The Create new Guided Rule dialog box opens.


  3. In the Guided Rule field, enter a name for the new rule, CheckYoungAge in this example.
  4. From the Package list, select the package in which you want to create the rule.
    The package list will include only the packages to which you have access.
  5. Select the Use Domain Specific Language (DSL) check box if you want to provide access to a list of "DSL Sentences" from which you can choose a condition to add to the rule.
  6. Click OK to complete the rule creation and close the dialog box.
    The new rule is added under the Guided Rules folder in the left panel and is opened in the rule editor in the workspace.


    At any time, you can view a list of rules you have created by either selecting your category from the Browse panel, or selecting your package from the Knowledge Bases panel, and open a rule by clicking the corresponding Open button.