Steps to follow when using Drools - 7.3

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Before you begin

Your Talend Administration Center must have internet access, otherwise you may have an error when you try to use the Drools server.

About this task

Another way to avoid this error is to add -Dorg.kie.demo=false and -Dorg.kie.example=false into the file in the apache-tomcat/bin folder.

To use the Drools web application integrated in Talend Administration Center, proceed as the following:


  1. Create an organizational unit, add a repository in the unit and then add a project in the repository.
    For detail information about using Drools, check Drools Workbench.
  2. Create one or more data objects for the business rules.
  3. Create new business rules.
    For more information about managing business rules, see Working with business rules.
  4. Test the rules to ensure that they meet the requirements. For more information, see How to test a rule.
  5. Build and deploy the rules.
    For further information, see Building and deploying business rules.


Your rules are now ready to be used in business environment. For example, use your studio to create a Job with the tBRMS component, set the connection between the studio and the Drools repository from which you want to retrieve a business rule and apply it to the data flow in a Job.

For further information about how to centralize BRMS connections in the studio, see Talend Studio User Guide.