Setting up SVN or Git parameters - 7.3

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Your project metadata is either stored in Subversion or Git. If you are using a SVN/Git repository, you can modify the location URL, user and password from Talend Administration Center.

Note: The support for Apache Subversion version control servers is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

When you will connect to a remote repository in the Studio, you will have to enter the URL of your Talend Administration Center in the Web-app URL field so that the Studio can retrieve these parameters.

Before you begin

  • the repository is on the Subversion/Git server and you have copied its URL.

    For Git users:

    • it is recommended to check via git bash that the repository is accessible, that you can push your changes on it and, if you use SSH, that the host is known.

      When running Talend Administration Center as a service, ensure that the known_hosts file is located in the right folder. If not, copy the known_hosts file into the user.home/.ssh folder (or create a .ssh folder if it does not already exist).

      When running Talend Administration Center as a Windows service, user.home is similar to: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile.

    • all branches/tags are visible for all projects on the same Git repository. Therefore, if you create some branches/tags for one project, all other projects on the same Git repository will have the same list of branches and tags.
    • if you want to create projects in multiple Git repositories (not only the one set on the Configuration page), you need to add a parameter in a configuration file. For more information, see Enabling hash code as Git repository folder name on Talend Help Center .
  • the SVN/Git username and password correspond to an existing user in Subversion/Git.

    For Git users: note that the SSH key passphrase feature is not supported in this release of Talend Administration Center.


  1. On the Menu tree view, click Configuration.
  2. Click the Svn or Git group to display its parameters.
    The following parameters are editable according to your use:



    Branches whitelist

    Select True or False in the list.

    This function allows you to filter the project on the defined SVN/Git branches or tags in order to reduce the use of disk resources and improve performances.

    Note: This configuration does not filter the branches that are available for this project in Talend Studio. All branches will still be shown in Talend Studio.

    Server location url /

    Git server url

    Type in the location URL to your Subversion/Git server repository.


    Type in the name of the Subversion/Git user.


    Type in the password of the Subversion/Git user.

    If your Git is on an Azure DevOps Server, get the private access token for the user following the instructions provided by Microsoft ( and fill the Password field with the token.

    Commit Log Pattern

    Define the Subversion/Git commit log pattern according to your log format convention. For more information about commit log patterns, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

    The log pattern will be automatically applied to all commit logs, except user logs if the Svn user log option is activated (SVN only). For more information about this option, see Adding a project.

    Example: the pattern start {0} end will add the word start before the log message body and end after the log message body.

    The default pattern is {0}, namely no leading or trailing information is added to any log message.

    These parameters are usually set up when installing the product.