Dynamically selecting the preparation from Talend Data Preparation - 7.3

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  1. In the design workspace, select tDataprepRun and click the Component tab to define its basic settings.
  2. In the URL field, enter context.parameter_URL to reuse one of the values previously set for the URL context variable.
  3. In the Username and Password fields, respectively enter context.parameter_USERNAME and context.parameter_PASSWORD to reuse one of the values previously set for the USERNAME and PASSWORD context variables.
  4. Select the Dynamic preparation selection checkbox to define a preparation with its path in Talend Data Preparation rather than its technical id.
  5. In the Preparation path field, enter the path to the customers_leads preparation you want to apply on the .csv file.

    Your preparation must have the same path on your Talend Data Preparation development environment and production environment.

  6. In the Preparation version field, type Current state between double quotes, in order to use the current version of the preparation.
  7. Click Fetch Schema to retrieve the schema of the preparation.
    The output schema of the tDataprepRun component now reflects the changes made with each preparation step. The schema takes into account columns that were added or removed for example. By default, the output schema will use the String type for all the columns, in order not to overwrite any formatting operations performed on dates or numeric values during the preparation.