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New features

Feature Description
SSO settings for multi-tenancy When you need to set up SSO for multiple accounts (multiple tenants) on Talend Management Console, use their account IDs to define the unique entity ID of each account in your SSO application. For example, https://iam.us.cloud.talend.com/oidc/ssologin/<your_account_ID> as your entity ID for the AWS US region.

For information about how to configure SSO to use Talend Cloud, see Talend Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration Guide.

New task logging architecture The task logging architecture has been redesigned to bring an enhanced log experience with Talend Management Console.
This new design consists of:
  • A brand new page to manage logs
  • A more stable Remote Engine version with better performance
  • New API endpoints to automate log management
See the following information and the Remote Engine specific section for more details.
New page to manage logs
From the new page Run Overview, you can view:
  • The logs
  • The task parameters and design
  • The run parameters
From the Logs tab, you can:
  • View the logs loading.
  • Pause the loading to read specific logs.
  • Download all the logs or a part of them.

As the logs load faster with the Remote Engine 2.11.0, it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

The logs are now exported in JSON format.

From the Job tab, you can view the task design and run parameters.

To access the Run overview page, go to the Operations tab and click a task.

FATAL Log Level support

With a Remote Engine V2.11.0 and onwards, the FATAL type error is now explicitly displayed in the run log of Talend Management Console.

Although you cannot apply filters on this FATAL log level, the explicit display helps you easily identify errors of different severity levels.

If you do not need this display, change the job.log.fatal.level parameter to false in the file Remote_Engine_installation/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.jobserver.client.cfg.

New column for task and plan schedule You can now see the task and plan schedule from the Tasks and plans page: The new column Trigger has been added and is displayed by default.

For more information on the schedule, you can click the Triggers and plans icon.

New task status Before the task runs or stops, it is now in Pending status.
Saving execution logs to an external Amazon S3 bucket This feature is now deprecated. Use the APIs to export the logs.

For more information on the APIs, see https://api.<env>.cloud.talend.com/tmc/swagger/swagger-ui.html.

<env> is the name of your Cloud region. If you do not know what your region name is, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

Public API versions
The v1.x Public API has been deprecated since the R2020-05 release and will be removed in the November release to come (R2021-11). When migrating your API programs from v1.x to the latest v2.x Public API, you need to update the following endpoints
  • To get all tasks, the GET endpoint has changed from
  • To get a task by its ID, the GET endpoint has changed from

Get started with the latest Public API on https://api.<your_environment>.cloud.talend.com/tmc/swagger/swagger-ui.html.

Talend Cloud Migration Platform The Talend Cloud Migration Platform has been upgraded to version 3.7.0.
  • New Artifacts Inventory page:
    • Lists all the generated Artifacts across all the registered Talend Administration Center instances.
    • For each artifact, you will get the list of all the tasks (and Talend Administration Center instances) where a specific version is used.
    • In addition to the group ID, artifact ID and version (GAV) information, you can also display the Studio version and patch number used for the build as well as their origin project branch.
  • Improved the support for task and plans migrations:
    • For the task migration, Talend Cloud Migration Platform now allows you to better leverage existing Talend Cloud artifacts published with the latest version of Talend Studio (as of today 7.3) instead of using their Talend Administration Center counterpart.
    • Improved support of Talend Administration Center task overwritten parameters.


New APIs are introduced to automate the management of the logs of the task runs in Talend Management Console.

You can either get the logs of a task run for live monitoring or fetch these logs periodically for any comprehensive analysis.
Customer log API endpoints
Method Endpoint Description Query parameters
GET /executions/{runId}/logs Gets logs of a given task run.
  • startTime: earliest date and time of the logs to be retrieved. For example: 2021-06-14T07:01:45Z. By default, logs are retrieved from the start time of the run
  • endTime: latest date and time of the logs to be retrieved. For example: 2021-06-14T15:04:45Z. By default, current time is used
  • count: number of log entries to return. The default value is 50 and the maximum value is 200
  • order: the way in which the returned logs are sorted by their timestamps. The default value is DESC, meaning the latest logs are put first.
  • startIndex: the start position of the pagination of the logs, greater or equal to 0

These parameters are all optional.

POST /executions/{runId}/logs Generates the full log of a given task run and returns a download token to this log.

This token is valid for one hour.

  • startTime: earliest date and time of the logs to be put in the generated log. For example: 2021-06-14T07:01:45Z. By default, logs are retrieved from the start time of the run
  • endTime: latest date and time of the logs to be put in the generated log. For example: 2021-06-14T15:04:45Z. By default, current time is used
POST /executions/{runId}/logs/status Checks the status of the generated log and returns a download URL.

Put the download token in the body.

Access these endpoints via https://api.talend.com/apis/execution-logs/2021-03/. You'll find a list of the URLs corresponding to each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

For documented use cases of these APIs, see Monitoring tasks.

Bug fixes

Some fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TDOPS-1011 Task could not run because of the missing resource parameter
TMC-17830 Available artifact versions were different depending on the Talend Studio version
TMC-24747 The FATAL type error is now displayed in the run logs
TMC-25059 Task was still in Running status when the logs indicate the task has been executed

Eclipse Jetty DoS upgraded to 9.4.43.v20210629

TPOPS-2264 Names of Remote Engines in a cluster were not displayed

Context parameter was not taken into account in API POST, /executions endpoint

TPOPS-2288 A plan kept running when a task could not start

Timestamps had incorrect format when using API to execute plans

TPOPS-2381 Deployment Strategy was wrong in the TMC API
TPOPS-2465 No logs were displayed in the Run overview page

Get started with Talend Management Console on Talend Management Console User Guide.