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Release Notes
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A new 7.16.0 version has been released.

New features

Feature Description
MS Azure SQL DB is now available as a source

MS Azure SQL DB can now be selected as an option through the SQL Server window when installing a new source:

For more details on its installation, see Installing MS Azure SQL source.

On source subscription and options of configuration, see Managing sources subscription and connection and DD_for_SQLServer Registry SubKey.

Automation of the Manager features All actions usually performed in the Manager user interface, can be automated in a script file. For more information, see Automating the Manager features.
Specific tables for Oracle and SQL Server sources are now automatically created
The following tables are now automatically deployed after the installation:
  • DD_PARAM, DD_TUN_DST tables,
  • SCRIPT_JSON that deploys DD_METADTA and DD_GX_SCRT tables.
Retention period in days A new option was added to indicate the number of retention days for journal receivers before their actual deletion. For more information, see Using DDJRN.exe tool.

Activation of the automatic purge with Oracle source

With big volumes of databases, it is possible to activate the automatic purge. For more details on activation parameters, see DD_for_Oracle Registry Key section.
German translation of the Manager GUI It is now possible to display the Talend Change Data Capture Manager user interface in German language.

Extension of target topic name field The length of the target topic name field was extended from 30 to 48 characters (property of the target table), with an AS/400 IBMi source and a Kafka target.
Database refresh is now possible When adding tables to a model, a Refresh DB button is now available to display the updated list of your source database.

Notable fixes

Feature Description

Non-consecutive IDs entered when using the add-table command are now taken into account.

Additional flags have been added to the automating script file.

TCAP-79 When using the BigData framework to replicate to a Snowflake target, NULL option rule in case of varchar is now managed.
TCAP-220 When using a Staging or BigData framework to replicate to a Snowflake target, added columns in source tables are now automatically included in the distribution.
TCAP-229 There is no more UI issue in the Manager when creating a Snowflake distribution.