Accessing the execution monitoring grid and examining collected data - 8.0

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In the Menu tree view, click Execution History to open a tabular list that displays all scheduled tasks, whether triggered or not.
The following figure illustrates an example of an execution monitoring list.
The task execution monitoring list provides the following information:



Basic status

Task execution basic status:

  • misfired task, task that failed to start at the scheduled time.
  • task that is still running.
  • task that is completed successfully.
  • task that encountered errors and is not completed.
  • task that was stopped (killed) by a user for some reason.
  • task whose execution status is still unknown.
  • task that is still waiting to be executed.

Detailed status

Detailed information about the status of the current task.

Exit code

Job exit code of the task. If the code equals 0, the task has been successfully executed, if other than 0 it means that an error occurred during the execution.


The name of the task.


Actions you can do:

Expected triggering date

The date and time expected for triggering the task.

Task start date

The date and time the task started executing.

Job start date

The date and time the Job started executing.

Job end date

The date and time the Job ended executing.

Task end date

The date and time the task ended executing.

Job duration

Job run duration time.

Task duration

Task run duration time.


Name of the project containing the Job to be executed.


Name of the Job to be executed.

Job version

Version of the Job as defined in Talend Studio.


Name of the context as defined for this Job in Talend Studio.

Virtual server

Name of the virtual server, if any.


Name of the server on which the task was last executed.

Triggered by

The user name of the person who triggered the task manually or the type of the trigger used to execute the task.


The name of the trigger used to schedule task execution.

Trigger type

Simple trigger, The type of the trigger used to schedule task execution. This type may be: CronUITrigger, or File trigger.

Last job generation date

The date and time of the last generation of the Job.

,You can show/hide as many of the given columns as you need in the execution monitoring list. For more information, see Customizing the display of the execution monitoring list.
Note: The task execution monitoring grid provides, for the time being, a static display of task execution history. To refresh the display, click the Refresh icon.