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Accessing the Error Recovery Management page

Talend Administration Center provides you with an Error Recovery Management page where you can recover all job executions ended in failure.

The following figure illustrates an example of the Error Recovery Management page.

This page presents two horizontal parts: on the upper part, the Task execution monitoring list and, on the lower part: Execution Info and Recovery checkpoints tabs. See the following sections for detail description of the views associated with these tabs.

Information noteNote: The Task execution monitoring list remains on the upper half unless you expand either of the two views using the button.

For more information about the Task execution monitoring list, see For more information on how to change the display and filter the Task execution monitoring list, see Limiting the number of tasks in the execution monitoring list and Customizing the display of the execution monitoring list.

You can access the Error Recovery Management page through other different pages in Talend Administration Center, namely Job Conductor, Monitoring and Task execution monitoring.

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