Accessing the project references page - 8.0

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To display the reference list for the projects created on Talend Administration Center from an earlier version, click Project references in the Menu tree view.


Project references need to be defined in Talend Studio. Project references defined in an earlier version of Talend Administration Center are listed on this page before they are migrated to Talend Studio.

When a Talend Studio user logs on to a project on a given branch, its references previously established are automatically migrated to Talend Studio and deleted from Talend Administration Center for that branch. You can also use the deleteProjectReference MetaServlet command to delete project references from this page manually. For more information on MetaServlet, see Non-GUI operation in metaServlet.

The main page is divided into two parts:

  • The Project Reference panel lists projects you have defined as references in an earlier version of Talend Administration Center.
  • The Project panel shows the references established between projects.

Note that, by default, the list is ordered by reference projects (with the icon).

On the Project Reference view, you can see information related to the reference projects as follows:




The icon shows when the corresponding project has been defined as reference.

Project type

Data Integration/ESB, Data Management and Master Data Management depending on the license you set in Talend Administration Center.


The name of the project created in Talend Studio


The name of the trunk and the branches established for each reference project.