Checking the database connection details - 8.0

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

All data related to project information and administration: administration data, user declaration and authorization, task list, trigger list, etc. are stored in a database.

By default, this database is an H2 embedded database. But you can choose to store those data in another compatible database system (MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle). For more information, see Configuring Talend Administration Center to run on a different database than H2 on Talend Help Center .

About this task

From Talend Administration Center, you can display the database connection settings and status. To do so, complete the following:


  1. On the Menu, click Configuration click the Database group to display the parameters.
    The following parameters are read only:




    URL of the database in which all Talend Administration Center information is stored.


    Name of the administrator of the database.


    Driver of the Talend Administration Center database.

    Web Console

    URL of the H2 Web console. It is only displayed upon authentication of the database administrator:

    • either on the database configuration page:
    • or in Talend Administration Center H2 Web console configuration (Settings > Configuration > Database).
    Note: This field does not display if you choose to store the data in another database system than the default H2 one.
  2. If you want to access the projects and administration data via the default Web console provided, click the URL of the Web Console field.
    The following login page opens:


  3. In the Password field, type in the connection password to the database, by default tisadmin.
  4. Click Connect.
    A Web database administration page opens.
    If you choose another database system and find out that one of the parameters is wrongly set, you have to click the link Go to db config page from the Login page to access the Database configuration page that gives both database connection status and settings. This page is protected by a password, therefore you can click Cancel if you do not have this administrator password and want to go back to the Login page. To access the Database configuration after is has been finalized, you must edit the file. For instructions, see Updating parameters after the configuration is finalized.
    For more information about logging in to Talend Administration Center, see Accessing the Administration Center.
    Tip: If the Go to db config page link on the Login page is hidden, you need to activate it from the file. For more information, see Updating parameters after the configuration is finalized. Moreover, you can modify database connection information directly from the file.