To create a Git branch - 8.0

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  1. In the Menu tree view, click Projects to display the Projects page.
  2. Select the project for which you want to create one or more branches.
  3. On the toolbar, click the Branch management button.
    The Branch management dialog box opens.


    The Git tree of project '<ProjectName>' area shows the structure of the project: all existing branches and their names.
    Before creating branches for a project stored on Git, the Git tree of project '<ProjectName>' lists only the trunk which is the main development branch. Later, all created branches/tags will be listed in this tree.
  4. From the Source field, select the trunk or the branch from which you want to copy the data.
    When you create a branch for the first time, the only source possible is the trunk as it contains the main development branch. Then the Source list will include all created branches.
  5. In the Target field, type in the name of the branch you want to create.
  6. Click create.


The created branch is listed under the branches node in the Git project tree.

Now, the project has two different branches: the trunk/master and a newly created branch.

Once branches are created for a project:

  • you can add an execution task to trigger a Job stored in a specific branch of the project. For more information, see Adding an ESB execution task and Adding an execution server;
  • users of Talend Studio can switch from the trunk to a branch or copy an item from a branch to another branch or a tag.