Displaying the time-stamped log events - 8.0

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Before you begin


In the Menu tree view, click Logging to display the corresponding page.
The default dashboard of the logging module displays graphically the events and classifies them according to the log threshold defined on the Configuration page.
In the Middleware Navigation panel, you can switch to other pre-configured dashboards by clicking the corresponding link. The available dashboards are:
  • Default Dashboard: this dashboard gathers the logs related to Data Integration events (Talend Administration Center web application activity, servers, and so on), and to MDM events (the logs related to matching and logs collected from the MDM server).

    By default, these MDM logs are activated if you installed Talend Log Server via Talend Installer. If you installed it manually, you need to uncomment MDM-related appenders in the <INSTALLDIR>/conf/log4j.xml file. For more information, see Installing and configuring Talend MDM.

  • ESB Dashboards: there are three dashboards available for ESB.
    • ESB Events

      This dashboard gathers the logs related to ESB events, that is to say all logs from the Talend Runtime container (Jobs, Routes, and so on) and the OSGi events generated by the Talend Runtime (information about bundles). For more information, see Event management.

    • ESB Locator Endpoints

      This dashboard gathers the logs related to the Locator endpoint and service availability. For more information, see Introduction to Service Locator.

    • ESB SAM

      This dashboard gathers the logs related to the Service Activity Monitoring. For more information, see Event monitoring.

  • Audit Events dashboard

    This dashboard gathers the logs related to security events, for example, users, groups, licenses, configuration, and roles. For more information, see Audit logs on Talend Administration Center.