How to add a task-based notification - 8.0

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Before you begin

Before configuring a notification message, you must configure the SMTP protocol of your email server. For more information on how to configure the SMTP protocol, see Setting up an SMTP protocol.


  1. On the Notifications page, click Add on the toolbar to create a new notification.


  2. On the Notification panel to the right, set the following information:




    Select the Tasks category from the drop-down list.


    Select the type of the event for which to send the notification:


    Select On task failed from the drop-down list to send an alert when the task monitored encounters an error.


    Select this check box to activate the notification service.

    Notification details

    Select Include log files check box if you want to attach the log files to the email sent.

    Select Compress in a single file check box to attach a .zip file including all log files.


    Click to add a new recipient of the notification messages.


    Click to add one by one the tasks to monitor, or click the Select All button to send an email when any of the tasks fail.

  3. Click to show the Mails Selection dialog box.
  4. Select the check box(es) next to the user(s) to be added to the notification Recipients list.
  5. Click Apply to close the dialog box and return to the Notifications page.
  6. If you click the button, select the check box(es) corresponding to the tasks to be monitored on the Tasks Selection list that pops up.


    If you click the Select All button, an email is sent when any of the tasks fail.
  7. Click Apply to close the dialog box and go back to the Notifications page.
  8. On the Notifications page, click Save to validate the changes or click Cancel to ignore them.