Send a new password by email (with an SMTP protocol) - 8.0

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About this task

If you forgot your connection password to Talend Administration Center, you can perform one of the following operations to send an email holding a link to a password resetting form:

  • Click Forgot your password?.

    To activate this option and display the button, you must activate an SMTP protocol in the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center. For more information on how to configure the SMTP protocol, see Setting up an SMTP protocol.

    If the Forgot your password? button does not display even though you activated SMTP, it can mean that this option has not been activated at installation time. In this case, contact your Administrator who will be able to enable it from the file.

  • Use the resetPassword metaServlet command. For more information, see Non-GUI operation in metaServlet.


  1. In the Login window, click Forgot your password?.


    A message is displayed on the Login window and the email with the new password is sent to the email address specified in the Login field.
  2. With the password reset link, log in to Talend Administration Center again and define a new customized password in the Users page.
    For more information about the Users page, see Changing user passwords.