Set the password to admin again (without SMTP protocol) - 8.0

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About this task

If you have not configured an email server, you can execute an SQL statement in the application database to set the user password to admin again.


  1. Go to the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center, expand the Database node and click the URL next to the Web Console field to open the database web console.
  2. In the database, execute the following statement:
    UPDATE `user` set `password`=0x21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3 where id =<userID>;
    where 0x21... corresponds to the encrypted password admin.
    Note that you can find the ID (number) corresponding to the user for which you want to edit the password by executing this statement:
    select id, login from user;
  3. With this new password, log in to Talend Administration Center again and define a new customized password in the Users page.
    For more information about the Users page, see Changing user passwords.