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About this task

Some specific third-party Java libraries or database drivers (.jar files), known as external modules, can be required by Talend components or by connection wizards. Due to license restrictions, Talend may not be able to ship certain external modules within Talend Studio, but you can download, install, and store them in a shared repository. Nexus is delivered with the Talend Administration Center archive file.

Note that, if you are working in collaborative mode and you do not fill these parameters, the external libraries that you have downloaded at Talend Studio start-up will not be shared. Additionally, if you migrate to a more recent version of Talend Administration Center, those required libraries will not be backed up.

Users with Designer role need to have the corresponding Configuration visualization right selected on the Rights management page to have access to user libraries configuration. For more information, see Managing rights associated with roles.


  1. On the Menu tree view, click Configuration.
  2. Click the User Libraries group to display its parameters.
    The following parameters are editable according to your use:



    Libraries Repository

    Select the artifact repository from Nexus, Nexus 3, and Artifactory in which you want to store the external libraries.

    Library location url

    Enter the location URL to the artifact repository where the external libraries downloaded at Talend Studio start-up are stored.

    As Talend Studio connects to this repository via the URL you specify in this field, replace <localhost> with the host name of the machine where the artifact repository is installed. Ensure that the URL is accessible from Talend Studio.

    Library username

    Enter the name of the artifact repository user that has access to the libraries repository.

    Library password

    Click change password and enter then confirm the password of the artifact repository user that has access to the libraries repository.

    Library Snapshot Repo

    Enter the artifact repository snapshot repository ID.

    Library Release Repo

    Enter the artifact repository release repository ID.

  3. Restart Talend Studio.