When authorizations are ordered by projects - 8.0

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Before you begin

To allocate resources and define user accesses to projects, the Administrator needs first to add projects to the list. For more information, see Adding a project.


  1. In the Menu tree-view, select Project Authorizations to display the authorization list.
  2. In the Project Authorizations panel, select the project to which you want to assign a user or a user group.
  3. In the Right column of the User/Group panel, give read or read and write permissions to a user or user group by clicking the corresponding icons.
    The Read and Read write icons show on the projects on which the user or group can work by default. If a user or group cannot work on a project, a prohibition icon indicates that you cannot give rights to this user: it depends on the Type that is defined during the user creation in the Users page.


The number of users that have read access as well as the number of users that have read and write access to a project are updated in the corresponding columns of the Projects Authorizations panel.