New features in Talend Management Console R2023-10 - Cloud - 8.0

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Continuous running of Data service and Route tasks When unpairing a Talend Remote Engine, for purposes such as upgrades or repairs, the running Data service and Route tasks remain deployed and uninterrupted.

If you need to customize this behavior, use this dedicated API endpoint.

Enable a navigation link to Qlik Cloud
You can enable a link to switch from Talend Cloud to Qlik Cloud applications for all users in the domain.
Once enabled, you can access Qlik Cloud from the navigation menu in the top bar.

For more information, see Enabling a navigation link to Qlik Cloud.

Export list of executions to a CSV file

You can export the list of executions to a CSV file to build reports in external tools.

You can also export the list of specific executions by using the search box or the filter options.

For more information, see Exporting the list of executions.

Open details pages in new tab or window
You can open the details page of a task, plan or artifact in a new tab or window:
  • from the Name, Plan and Artifact columns in the Operations page.
  • from the Tasks, Plans and Artifacts tabs in the Management page.
  • from the View tasks dialog box in the Artifacts, Resources and Connections details page.
Operations page: new search box and filter options
  • You can perform a quick search on the name of a task or plan.
  • You can filter the list of runs by applying the new filter options based on the Artifact, Engine, Name, Plan, and Tags columns.

For more information on the Operations page, see Monitoring operations (new view).

Operations page: new Group by plan toggle
  • You can group all tasks run from a plan to display them under the related plan run, by enabling the new Group by plan toggle.
  • When the Group by plan toggle is disabled, you can see the name and status of plans under which the task is processed in the new In the plan: menu item.