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Talend Cloud Management Console provides monitoring capabilities from inspecting a single task or plan run to viewing past runs, split them by status for a given period or on a given workspace.

Faceted search and filter options

  • You can filter the runs by using the drop-down lists at the top of the page to select a particular environment, workspace, task type, operation type, or time period.
  • You can also apply the following facets to filter the list:
    Filter name Description
    Artifact Display or hide the runs for one or more selected artifacts

    You can also display or hide runs for specific artifact versions by enabling the Show all versions toggle.

    Engine Display or hide the runs related to one or more selected engines
    Name Display or hide the runs for one or more selected tasks
    Plan Display or hide the runs for one or more selected plans

    This filter is only available for Job or pipeline tasks and plans.

    Tags Display or hide the runs associated with one or more selected tags

    You can apply a facet only once.

    You can use the faceted search to display specific runs by using the In operator or to exclude and hide specific ones from the list by using the Not in operator.
  • You can perform a quick search on a plan or task name.

    You must enter at least three characters in the search box.

Run status tabs

You can choose to display only the currently running, failed, successful, terminated, or rejected runs by clicking one of the status tabs below the filters.

Group by plan toggle

You can group all tasks run from a plan to display them under the plan run, by enabling the new Group by plan toggle.
When the Group by plan toggle is disabled, you can see the name and status of plans under which the task is processed in the new In the plan: menu item.

The plans must be run at least once.

You must have the appropriate permissions on the workspace where the plan is located if the task and plan are not in the same workspace.

Column chooser

By clicking the icon in the top-right corner, you can select what information to display in the table. You can choose from 19 different columns.
The Operations page allows you to:
  • Monitor Job, pipeline, Route and data service task runs
  • Monitor task runs that are part of a plan in a single plan entry
  • View the status, name, trigger time, duration, and trigger type of a task or plan run
  • View the error message of failed runs by clicking the information button in the Error column, as well as which step failed in a plan
  • View the version of the task executed
  • View the used execution engine type or name and which engine was used for the steps in a plan
  • Access the task details page by clicking > Task details
  • Access the plan details page by clicking > Plan details
  • Access the execution logs of individual operations by clicking > Logs
  • Access the run history of the task or plan by clicking > Run history
  • Access the run history of the plan under which a task is processed by clicking > Plan run history.