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Talend MDM enables you to organize elements in an entity by adding categories for the entity and then assigning one or more first level elements in the entity to a category.

This feature helps to organize elements on Talend MDM Server and display elements under the same category on a separate tab in Talend Data Authoring for MDM.

Warning: This feature has no impacts on Talend MDM Web UI.

For more information about Talend Data Authoring for MDM, see Talend Data Authoring for MDM User Guide.

For more information about Talend MDM Web UI, see Talend MDM Web UI User Guide.

Before you begin

You have already created a data model and the business entities and attributes in the data model. For further information, see Creating a data model and Creating business entities in a data model.


  1. In the data model editor, right-click the entity and select Add Category from the pop-up menu.
    The Add Category dialog box displays.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of the category.
  3. If needed, click the Label drop-down list, select a language and enter the corresponding label in the field to the right to add multilingual labels to the new category.
    Click the button to add the description to the Language/Label list.

    Repeat the operation to add as many labels as needed. You can click the title of each column in the table to sort the labels alphabetically.

    Click OK to close the dialog box.

  4. Right-click the entity or the newly created category, from the pop-up menu displayed, select Assign Element to Category to assign one or more specific elements to a category.
    The Assign Element to Category dialog box displays. The elements are sorted in the same order as defined in the data model editor. You can click the title of each column in the table to sort them alphabetically.
  5. Click the cell in the Category column for the corresponding element to which you want to assign a category, from the drop-down list displayed, select the category to be assigned to the element.
    Repeat this operation to assign a category to as many as elements.
  6. If needed, select the Filter by Category check box and then select a category from the drop-down list next to it to display only the elements in that category.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    To edit a category, right-click the category annotation node and from the pop-up menu, select Edit Category to update it in the pop-up dialog box.

    To delete a category, right-click the category annotation node and select Delete Category from the pop-up menu.