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About this task

You can set "checkpoints" on one or more trigger connections of the types OnSubjobOK and OnSubjobError you use to connect components together in your Job design. Doing that will allow, in case of failure during execution, to recover the execution of your Job from the last checkpoint previous to the error.

Therefore, checkpoints within Job design can be defined as reference points that can precede or follow a failure point during Job execution.

Note: The Error recovery settings can be edited only in a remote project. For information about opening a remote project, see Opening a remote project.

To define a checkpoint on a trigger connection in a Job, do the following:


  1. In the design workspace and after designing your Job, click the trigger connection you want to set as a checkpoint.
    The Basic settings view of the selected trigger connection appears.
  2. Click the Error recovery tab in the lower left corner to display the Error recovery view.
  3. Select the Recovery Checkpoint check box to define the selected trigger connection as a checkpoint in the Job data flow. The icon is appended on the selected trigger connection.
  4. In the Label field, enter a name for the defined checkpoint. This name will display in the Label column in the Recovery checkpoints view in Talend Administration Center.
  5. In the Failure Instructions field, enter a free text to explain the problems and what do you think the failure reason could be. These instructions will display in the Failure Instructions column in the Recovery checkpoints view in Talend Administration Center, for more information, see How to access the checkpoint list.
  6. Save your Job before closing or running it in order for the define properties to be taken into account.


Later, and in case of failure during the execution of the designed Job, you can recover this Job execution from the latest checkpoint previous to the failure through the Error Recovery Management page in Talend Administration Center.

For more information, see Recovering the execution of a Job.