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A data type is a description of the data that is exchanged over the network. It can be reused in the whole API version.


  1. Click the + button in the top right corner of the left panel.
    Tip: If you want to create your data type directly in a previously created section, you can do so by clicking the + button to the right of the section name.
  2. Click Data type.
  3. Enter a Name for your data type, Contact for example, and enter a Description if needed.
  4. Optional: Select the Section in which you want to include the data type.
  5. If you have an existing JSON example of your data type, you can use it to generate your properties by clicking Generate from JSON example.
  6. Enter your example and click Generate.


    All of the properties in the example are created in your data type.
  7. To add your properties manually, select a Type.
    The type is object by default, you can click it to display all the types available.
  8. Click Add property to create a new property and define the Name and Type.
  9. Optional: Toggle the Required button to Yes if the property is required.
  10. Add a Description if needed, and click more attributes to add more information to your data type.


  11. Add as many properties as needed, then click Save.