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Trying your API in Talend Cloud API Tester

Use Talend Cloud API Tester to interact with your API.


During the implementation phase of your API project, you will regularly need to interact with your API to verify its behavior. You will also need to make sure your API implementation is conform to its contract by writing integration tests.

Once the API is implemented, consumers will also need to explore the API's capabilities as they work on their client implementation.

For all of these purposes, Talend Cloud API Designer includes a button that allows you to try an API in Talend Cloud API Tester, both in the editor view and in the Live Documentation.

You can either export:

  • Your whole API definition : a project is created in Talend Cloud API Tester with predefined requests for each of the API’s operations. You will then be able to set up complex scenarios that emulate real-life usages of your API.
  • A single operation : Talend Cloud API Tester is opened with a ready-to-go request for the selected API operation.

In order to use Talend Cloud API Tester, you need to install Google Chrome and the Talend Cloud API Tester extension.

For more information, see Introduction to Talend Cloud API Tester.


When using the Try in API Tester feature for the first time, an environment is automatically created in Talend Cloud API Tester. It contains:
  • A BaseUrl public variable. If the API definition contains a published endpoint, it will be used as the default value. If there are several published endpoints, the first one in the list will be used. If there are no published endpoints, the value will be empty.
  • A private variable for each authentication method defined in SECURITY SCHEMES.

Technical details

Talend Cloud API Designer item Corresponding Talend Cloud API Tester item Comments
API Root Project Single project, whose name is based on the name of the API in Talend Cloud API Designer.
Section Service For organization purpose.
Operation Request All the operations from a Talend Cloud API Designer Section are gathered under the same Talend Cloud API Tester Service. Path variables, query parameters and headers are imported too.

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