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You can change the semantic type of your data to make sure that the data type of your column matches the actual values.

Talend Cloud Data Preparation automatically suggests a semantic type for your data. This type is specified under the header of each column. You can see in the Zip column that because they have the same number of digits, the US zip codes have been mistaken for French ones. You will now set the semantic type of the column to US postal code.

To modify the semantic type of a column, proceed as follows:


  1. Click the options icon in the header of the Zip column.
  2. In the menu, click Column is a FR Postal Code.

    A list of suggested semantic types opens.

  3. Click US Postal Code


The semantic type of the Zip column has now been set to US Postal Code.

More generally, if the semantic type proposed by Talend Cloud Data Preparation for one column is not the desired one, you can change it at any time, based on your own experience.