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Before applying a function to your data, you can preview its effects without consequences on your preparation.


  1. Click the header of any column in your preparation.
  2. In the functions panel, select the function you want to apply.
  3. To preview the result of a function, you can:
    • Point your mouse over the function and click the eye icon if there is no additional parameter to set.
    • Click the function, set the required parameters, and click the Preview button.
    You enter preview mode and can see how your preparation would look like if you added this step to the recipe. Data that is added or modified is displayed in green, while data that is deleted is displayed in red. In preview mode however, you can only look at the displayed rows, and cannot scroll to see the rest of the grid.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to leave the preview mode and continue working on your preparation.


The preview feature is also available from the recipe after you have applied a function. For example, this allows you to test other parameters for the function.