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Before you begin

  • You have Talend Studio 8.0.
  • You have installed the R2022-05 Studio Monthly update or a later one manually to each Studio.
  • You have been assigned the Project Administrator role to manage the update version.


  1. Open the Configuration tab.
  2. Click the Studio tab.

    If you do not see the Studio tab, it means you have no Studio license available for subscription.

    If you see the message Your account needs to have a valid license for Studio 8.x or later to use the feature., it means your Studio license is expired or not valid. Contact Talend Support.

    If you see the message You are currently using the latest available update version., it means the applied update version is the latest available one.

  3. Below Available updates, choose the update version from the list by clicking the Apply button next to the Update URL field.
    For more information on how to configure the Base and Update URL fields, see Configuring update repositories.
  4. In the dialog box, click the Apply button to apply this update version to all your projects.
    Changes can take up to 30 minutes to take effect in the Studio.

    Studio collaborators will get notified about the applied version.

    As all Studio instances connected to the same project must use the same version, collaborators have to accept the applied version. It will become the only version available in the Studio.


You can see the applied update version, who has applied it and when it has been applied in Applied update version.
You can also see the Studio update version selected for all your projects from the Projects tab.