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Migrating your account to Qlik for Talend Management Console access

Qlik and Talend have a shared login system. To continue to access Talend Management Console, it is mandatory to migrate your Talend Cloud account to Qlik.

This one-time migration transitions your Talend accounts to Qlik, replacing them with one unique Qlik and Talend unified account. This migration preserves existing configurations for your Talend Management Console objects, including your account users, SSO authentication, groups, projects, tasks, roles and permissions, schedules, and execution settings.

After the migration, you can simply use the Qlik login page to access and use Talend Management Console as usual. This Qlik login page is your unified Qlik and Talend login page.


  1. Access the Talend Cloud environment using the URL corresponding to your AWS or Azure region.

    For more details about the available environments, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

    A migration wizard prompts you to either start the migration or proceed to the Qlik login page if you have already completed the migration.
    This is the landing page for the Talend to Qlik migration.
    • If you have completed the migration, click Already done? Go to Qlik login to access the Qlik login page.
    • Otherwise, click Migrate your Talend account to proceed with the migration.
  2. A dialog is displayed to prompt you to enter your business email address associated with your Talend Cloud account to receive the email for starting the migration.
    This email address is also used to create your unique Qlik and Talend account during the migration. If this email has been already associated to a Qlik account, you receive an email to directly navigate you to access Talend Management Console.


    This is the wizard to enter your Talend business email for starting the migration.

    Note that you must use the email address specified in your Talend Cloud profile. Do not use your Login Name, which becomes unavailable after this migration.

  3. From the received email, click Get Started to open the welcome page of the migration process.
  4. Click Get Started on the welcome page to start the migration. A dedicated page is opened in your browser to show the progress.
  5. Enter your account profile and define a login password.
  6. After defining the password and accept the terms and conditions, click Create account to complete the migration.


    This is the wizard to create your Qlik password and Qlik account.
  7. Once the migration process is complete, a success message appears, and the unified login page opens in your browser.
    At the same time, you receive a welcome email for Qlik and Talend, confirming the successful migration of your Talend account.

    As explained earlier, the migration preserves existing configurations for your Talend Management Console objects.

  8. Log in to the new account using the email address and the new password to resume using Talend Management Console.

    If you have multiple tenants, a tenant page opens first, allowing you to select the tenant for accessing Talend Management Console.

    Talend and Qlik share this unified login page to start the same login process. For further information about this login process, see Logging in to Qlik Cloud.

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