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Publishing artifacts from Talend Studio

You can publish Jobs, Routes; and data services (artifacts) created in Talend Studio to the cloud and make it available to specific or all users of Talend Management Console.

  • To publish artifacts from Talend Studio to Talend Cloud through Maven, refer to the Talend Software Development Life Cycle Best Practices Guide.

  • With the R2020-07 Talend Studio patch, password type context parameters are treated more securely than before. Previously, the value of the password parameter was handled as a string, visible to all users with the correct workspace permissions. With this patch, the parameter value is treated as confidential information (encrypted):
    • When publishing an artifact for the first time, its value is cleared and has to be set for the corresponding task in Talend Management Console.
    • When you re-publish an artifact, its value in the corresponding task stays the same in Talend Management Console.
    To request this patch, contact Talend support.

Before you begin

  • You must have the following roles and permissions:
    • The default Operator role or the Operations - Manage Talend Management Console permission assigned to you in Talend Cloud.
    • Publish: Publish artifacts permission on the workspace to which you are publishing.
  • Set the account authentications to the web application in Talend Studio. For further information, see Setting up a remote connection to Talend Management Console.
  • Make sure:
    • The name of your artifact to be published does not contain any reserved words, such as SNAPSHOT, otherwise the publication will fail.
    • The artifact name is different than any task's name in the workspace to which you are publishing. If a task with the same name already exists in the workspace, only the artifact will be published to Talend Management Console and its corresponding task will not be created.

About this task

Once your artifact is published, its corresponding task is automatically created and it can be run by web users in Talend Management Console. You can create different tasks from the same artifact to run it in different scenarios by changing its context parameter values.

Information noteNote: If you move an already published artifact to another folder in Talend Studio, you cannot republish it to the same workspace in Talend Management Console as before, as multiple tasks with the same name cannot exist in a single workspace. The artifact will be duplicated, and its associated task will not be created or updated. To avoid an error during publication, you must either change the artifact's name or select a different workspace.
Information noteRestriction: The artifact published to Talend Cloud cannot be larger than 400MB.


  1. In the Repository tree view, right-click a Job, Route, or data service and select Publish to Cloud.

    The Publish to Cloud wizard is displayed.

    If any of the account authentications to the web application is missing from Talend Studio, the Preferences window opens by default, where you can add the missing information. For further information, see Connecting Talend Studio to Talend Cloud.

  2. In the Publish With Version field, change the version you want to publish to the cloud if needed.
    This field is automatically filled in with the highest version of the artifact, if several versions are available. You cannot publish an artifact smaller than the latest published version displayed in the Last Cloud Version field.
  3. Select a Workspace.
    Information noteNote:
    When publishing the new version of an artifact, by default, all the tasks that meet the following conditions are automatically updated, no matter in which workspace this publishing happens:
    • they are configured with Always use the latest artifact version
    • they are using an artifact that has the same name as the artifact being published

    You can protect a workspace and therefore its tasks from this kind of unintended update, by setting the protectedArtifactUpdate parameter to be true, when invoking the workspace update endpoint. With this parameter on, tasks in this protected workspace are updated only when the artifact is published in the same workspace.

  4. Select one or more of the following options:
    Option Description
    Export Artifact Screenshot Publish a capture of the artifact design to the cloud.

    It is not possible to publish a SOAP data service screenshot to the cloud, as there are multiple designs for it.

    Enable Prometheus metrics endpoint Build the Prometheus metrics endpoint into the Microservice to monitor the execution of Routes, JVM memory, CPU consumption, and so on. By default, this feature bridges all the JMX attributes and values into Prometheus. For more information about Prometheus, see Prometheus website.
    Information noteNote:
    • This option is applicable only for Routes.
    • This option is available only if you have installed the R2020-08 Talend Studio Monthly update or a later one delivered by Talend. For more information, consult your administrator.
  5. Click Finish.
    An information bar is displayed to show the progress of the deployment.
  6. Optional: Click Run in Background to continue working in Talend Studio while the artifact is being published.
    A progress bar is displayed in the bottom-right corner of Talend Studio to show the percentage of the publishing operation completed. Click the progress bar icon to display the details in the Progress view.


When you publish the artifact, a message is displayed to confirm the publication and to prompt you to open the corresponding task that was created in the web application. Click Open Task in the message to open the task in the Task details page in Talend Management Console. The task will have the same name as the artifact.

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