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The Configuration part of the task details page shows the following information.


  • Artifact: name of the artifact used in the task
  • Type: type of artifact (Route or data service)
  • Application(s): the application specified in Talend Studio
  • Binary Type: Microservice or Talend Runtime (OSGi)
  • Artifact Version: version of the artifact last used in the task
  • Compatibility Version: Studio version used for publishing the artifact to cloud


  • Parameters:
    • When the Show order as in Studio toggle is enabled: shows the values of all parameters you have defined in Talend Studio.
    • When the Show order as in Studio toggle is disabled: shows the values to parameters you have defined with the parameter_ prefix in Talend Studio.
  • Advanced Parameters: shows the values for the parameters you have defined in Studio without prefixes. This section is only displayed when the Show order as in Studio switch in the task wizard is disabled.
  • Connections: shows the name of the connection used in the task.
  • Resources: shows the name of the resource used in the task.