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Campaign Owner: can be a technical or business user.

Campaign Operator: technical user in charge of integrating data into Talend Cloud Data Stewardship via Talend Studio, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer or Talend APIs.

Data Steward: business user in charge of resolving data stewardship tasks.

Rule - Manager: technical user in charge of managing the data quality rules.

Rule - Viewer: business user in charge of viewing the data quality rules.

Role Permissions
Campaign Owner
  • Add, delete, edit, or list campaigns
  • Add, delete, edit, list, or view data models
  • Add, assign, delete, edit, or view tasks
  • View tasks via external ID
  • Edit task metadata
  • View or delete task history
  • View users
Campaign Operator
  • List campaigns
  • View data models
  • Add, delete, edit, or view tasks
Data Steward
  • View campaigns
  • View data models
  • View tasks via external ID
  • Delegate tasks
  • Edit assigned tasks
  • Edit assigned tasks metadata
  • Self assign unassigned tasks
  • View assigned or unassigned tasks
  • View task history
Rule - Manager Create, delete, edit, or view data quality rules
Rule - Viewer View data quality rules