Prerequisites for creating your first pipeline - Cloud

Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Getting Started Guide

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Before creating your first pipeline, you need to have an engine set up, either the embedded Cloud Engine for Design or the Remote Engine Gen2.

After logging in, you will see a window that informs you that you need to set up an engine.

  • The Cloud Engine for Design is already embedded by default in the Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer app:
    • If you are using a trial account or a Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer license, the Cloud Engine for Design is started by default, therefore you can execute pipelines on it right away.
    • If you are using a Talend Cloud platform license, you will need to start the Cloud Engine for Design from the window that pops up when logging in the app in order to be able to get started.

      Starting and stopping the Cloud Engine for Design can also be done from Talend Management Console, see Managing the Cloud Engine for Design.

  • The secure Remote Engine Gen2 needs to be created and installed in order to execute your pipelines in your own network or Virtual Private Cloud. To create and set up a Remote Engine Gen2, read the Talend Remote Engine Gen2 Quick Start Guide.