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With Remote Engine v2.12.3 onwards, if displayed in the logs in Talend Cloud Management Console, the connection information is automatically masked. This information could be any of the connection parameters you have locked in Talend Cloud Management Console, such as the host, the port number or the username.

About this task

If your engine version is between v2.10.8 and v2.12.2, this information is not automatically masked. You need to perform the following operations to configure Talend Remote Engine to mask it in those logs. Otherwise, ignore this section.
Warning: Masking sensitive connection information may increase CPU consumption.


  1. In Talend Cloud Management Console, verify that the connection parameters to be masked in logs have been locked.
    For further information about a connection in Talend Cloud Management Console and locking a connection parameter, see Creating a custom connection
  2. In the machine where your Remote Engine is installed, browse to the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>/etc folder and open the org.talend.ipaas.rt.jobserver.client.cfg file.
  3. Define the job.log.msg.sensitive.hidden parameter:
  4. Save the file.


This change is taken into account directly without the engine having to get restarted. The locked connection parameters are masked in the task run logs in Talend Cloud Management Console, for example: