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Talend Cloud Data Management Platform Studio User Guide

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To allow web users in your organization to work with Artifacts you design in Studio, you must publish them to Talend Cloud. Once the connection is established, any update in your scenario from Talend Studio can be pushed to the cloud right away.


  1. In the Studio menu bar, select Window > Preferences.
  2. From the preferences list, select Talend > Talend Cloud.
  3. Select your Authentication mode: Access token or Login name and password.
    Important: If SSO is enabled on your Talend Cloud account, you have to use the Access token authentication mode here.
  4. Depending on the selected mode, enter the Access token or the account username and password.
    • You can generate an access token from your profile preferences in Talend Cloud.
    • If you cannot find your username or password, connect to Talend Cloud and click Forgot link/password?.

    The Talend Cloud URL is https://<env> where <env> is the name of your Cloud region. If you do not know what your region name is, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

  5. Select the Advanced check box and choose your data center from the Service URL drop-down list.


    The Accelerate publish check box is selected by default for optimal performance when publishing artifacts to the cloud.

  6. Optional: If you are using Talend Studio 6.5, enter the service URL according to the region of your Talend Cloud account in the Integration Cloud tab, for example:https://tmc.<env>

    <env> is the name of your Cloud region. If you do not know what your region name is, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

  7. Click Test Connection to test the connection to the Talend Cloud Management Console web application.
  8. Click Apply to save your settings.
  9. From the preferences list, select Talend > Performance.
  10. Adjust the Default connection timeout (seconds).
    The timeout value is set to 5 seconds by default. However, on a slower network that may not be enough. It is recommended to set the value to 300 seconds.
  11. Click Apply to save your settings and close the Preferences window.
    The connection has been established and you are now able to publish Artifact to Talend Cloud Management Console.