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Accessing the users' list

To access the list of user accounts, click Users in the Menu tree view. This list displays all accounts whether they are Administrators, Operation managers, Designers or Viewers.

When you access this list for the first time, and if SSO was not enabled, only the default administrator account shows on the list.

The account list provides the following information for each user. If SSO was enabled, some fields might be read-only.




User's email address used to login to the remote repository of Talend Studio.


Administrator, Operation manager, Designer and Viewer. For more information, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center.


Group to which the user has been added. For more information, see Grouping users by user type.

Last Name

Last name of the user.

First Name

First name of the user.


Data Integration/ESB, Data Management and Master Data Management according to the license you set in Talend Administration Center . For more information, see What domains can you work in depending on your user type and license.


The user account is activated when the corresponding Active column is filled with . If an account is deactivated, the icon displays and the user can not access Talend Administration Center and/or Talend Studio.

Dictionary Service

The user has access to Talend Dictionary Service. The user can view, edit or remove the semantic types or dictionaries used by default in Talend web applications.

Logged in

Indicates which users are logged in the Talend Studio ( icon) and Talend Administration Center ( icon) and for what period of time.


The creation date of the account in Talend Administration Center.

Information noteNote: New designer users, not created by the Administrator, can appear in the list and consume users from the license. Those designers are created from Talend Studio when users create their sandbox projects. For more information on how to manage sandbox projects, see Managing sandbox projects.
The buttons on the toolbar of the Users page allow you to refresh the display of the account list, add a new account, duplicate an account which already exists, delete one or more accounts, import users and log out all logged users from Talend Studio.
Information noteNote: The account list refreshes automatically every 30 seconds by default. You can adjust the frequency of the auto refresh by editing the value of the admin.userandgroup.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency property in seconds in the database configuration table. If it is set to 0, the auto refresh is disabled. Note that you need to restart the database server for the changes to take effect.

The right panel of the Users page allows you to create new user accounts and to modify selected accounts. For more information, see Adding a user and Editing a user.

The two areas, Data and Connection stats, in this panel display more detailed information about the selected account. For more information, see Displaying the connection information of a user.

You can hide/show this panel by clicking respectively the and the buttons located in the upper right corner of the panel.

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