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Scheduling execution tasks

Information noteNote: Only users that have the Operation Manager role and rights can have a read-write access to the tasks list. Other types of users can have a read-only access or no access to the list. When opening this page as a user of the Administration Center, you will have access only to the items for which you have been granted the appropriate authorization by the Administrator.

On the Job Conductor page, you can schedule an execution task using different types of triggers.

Available triggers are:

  • Time-based triggers (SimpleTrigger)
  • Periodic multi-platform CRON-like triggers (CronUITrigger)
  • File-based triggers (FileTrigger):

The trigger list includes the following information:




Trigger name

Trigger type

One of the following trigger types:

  • SimpleTrigger
  • CronUITrigger
  • FileTrigger


Status of the current trigger.

  • Normal: The trigger is ready to be launched
  • Waiting for the task to end: The triggering has taken place, the task execution is in progress
  • Paused: The trigger is disabled
  • Completed: The trigger execution is complete
  • Error/Invalid: The trigger execution has failed or is invalid

Previous triggering on

Date and time when the previous triggering took place

Number of triggerings

Estimated number of triggering that will take place over the selected period of time and/or for the number of triggering repetition set.

Time left before next triggering

Time to elapse before the next triggering starts.

Next triggering on

Date and time when the next triggering will take place.

Final triggering on

Estimated or set triggering end time.

Start time

Date and time when the first triggering takes place.

End time

Actual time when the last triggering ended.

File mask

In case of file-based trigger, enter the file name extension for the relevant file


Trigger identification

On the Triggers view at the bottom half of the Job Conductor page, you can add triggers, edit triggers, enable/disable triggers, delete triggers and customize the trigger list.

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