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Sequence of task execution

Information noteNote: Only users that have the Operation Manager role and rights can have a read-write access to the tasks list. Other types of users can have a read-only access or no access to the list. When opening this page as a user of the Administration Center, you will have access only to the items for which you have been granted the appropriate authorization by the Administrator.

Once the task triggering is launched, you can follow every stage of the task sequence on the Job Conductor page of Talend Administration Center.

You have full control over the sequencing, as you have the possibility to launch, pause or kill a task execution at any time even though the trigger you possibly have set has already started. For more information regarding the controls over the execution, see Working with Job execution tasks.

The task execution sequence is made of various phases including: Job deployment, Job execution and log or error.

The Status changes at every stage of the task execution.

The execution and error status is refreshed automatically, but you can refresh the display any time by clicking Refresh on the toolbar.

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