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Setting up dynamic links

About this task

A dynamic link is an item you can click to open the website of interest directly from Talend Administration Center. Once configured, it appears on the Menu tree view and by one single click, directs you to the website it is associated with.

To configure a dynamic link, proceed as follows:


  1. Stop your Tomcat server if it is already launched.
  2. Open the file of the Talend Administration Center to be used.
    This file is located in the classes folder of this Talend Administration Center on your Tomcat server, for example: <TomcatPath>\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\classes where <TomcatPath> designates the Tomcat installation path.
  3. At the end of the file for example, enter the dynamic link of interest using the given syntax: dynamiclink.<key>=<label>#<url>#<order>.
    For example, to create the link to by entering dynamiclink.talendcom=Talend# or the link to by entering dynamiclink.talendforge=Talendforge#
    In this syntax, <key> indicates the technical key of this link configured, <label> is the link name displayed on the Menu tree view, <url> is the website address you need to link to and <order> specifies the position of this link on the Menu tree view.


    Information noteNote: For further information about the order numbers used by Talend Administration Center to arrange the Menu items, check the file provided in the same classes folder.
  4. Save the edited file.
  5. Launch your Tomcat server and log in the deployed Talend Administration Center.
    The two dynamic links created appear on the Menu tree view.

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