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Configure the Job


  1. Open the Basic settings view of tRowGenerator.
  2. Define the schema for the table.
    In this case, two columns are added:
    • Num, type integer, set as the key column
    • Cities, type string and length 20
  3. Propagate the schema to the next component.
  4. In RowGenerator Editor dialog box, set functions as follows.
    • Num: Numeric.sequence, with both start value and step set to 1
    • Cities: TalendDataGenerator.getUsCity()
    • Number of Rows for RowGenerator: 10
    Information noteNote: These settings specify to generate 10 rows of data at a time, with the Num values from 1 to 10.
  5. Set Input repetition interval to 5000.
  6. Open the Basic settings view of tMysqlOutput.
  7. Set the database table parameters. In this example, database is locally installed.
    Information noteNote: To make sure the table is updated properly, it is recommended to select None for the Action on table option and Update for the Action on data option.

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